Dental Imaging

Dental imaging is an essential tool in the diagnosis of cavities, dental infections, oral masses and even bone loss. Here at My North Atlanta Dentist, our dentist uses several dental imaging tools to create high quality images of your dental anatomy, helping to better identify, diagnose and treat oral problems.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are one of the most popular dental imaging tools today, as they significantly reduce radiation exposure for patients. The results of these x-rays allow our dentist to identify growths and abnormalities in the teeth, roots and bone structures. 

Intraoral Camera

To more closely examine the inside of your mouth, our dentist will use an intraoral camera. This small camera fits comfortably inside the mouth and takes up-close digital images of the teeth and gums. 

There are three different types of intraoral cameras:

  • Occlusal X-ray: This provides a closer look at the placement and arch of all teeth. It's used to identify tooth misalignment problems and the need for corrective dental procedures, such as braces.
  • Periapical X-ray:  The periapical x-ray shows the entire structure of a tooth, from the roots within the jaw to the outermost layer of enamel. It aids in identifying unusual growths, abnormalities or changes occurring at the root, near the gums or other bone structures.
  • Bitewing X-ray: Bitewings focus on the enamel of the teeth, which is essential for identifying cavities. They can also identify levels of deterioration in a tooth, which helps in planning tooth replacement or renewing of fillings.

My North Atlanta Dentist in Atlanta, Georgia, has a dedicated team of professionals on board to treat all of your dental needs. If you have any questions regarding our dental imaging services or would like to come in for a consultation and quote, contact us today at 404-252-5252 to schedule an appointment.